Cargo Transportation

International Rail Freight
From/To Europe to Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan,  Ukraine.
We execute rail freight of different types of cargo on the territories of Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia.
Transit cargoes, import and export cargoes.
What do you receive?
Evaluation of transport application and calculation of cost, execution of freight, flexible individual payment terms.

International Auto (Truck) Freight
We fulfill cargo transportation by trucks between EAEU, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and European Union. Depending on your request the cargo can be transported in standard size semitrailers or on special truck platofrms (for outsized cargo forexample).

Sea freight and cargo transhipment in ports
We have established reliable connections to port agencies, ship owners and brokers at ports of Black Sea (Ilijchevsk/Odessa/Batumi/Poti/Novorossijsk), Baltic Sea (Klaipeda), Adriatic and Mediterranean seas.

We are working only with realiable transport forwarding companies in order to provide secure and in-time transportation of our clients’ goods.